Turnkey project

In turnkey projects, Vi4Crane puts its know-how and product flexibility at customers´ service . These are generally projects where there is a critical point in the process that requires a customised approach or where the customer wants to own the technology. 

Tailor-made developments

After an initial meeting or visit to the plant where the client will provide us with as much information as possible regarding the operation of the plant and the problems and/or aspects to be improved in each of its phases, the final proposal will be put forward, consisting of the solutions for each of the aforementioned aspects. Once the project has been completed, the client will have the technology for its regular use.

This type of project may be aimed at monitoring, automating or optimising part or all of the process. In any case, this does not imply a high cost, as Vi4Crane technology is conceived in a modular way and to achieve a quick return on investment. We integrate into the plant´s ecosystem, taking advantage of all functional resources and extending its useful life, as greater control of the process and operating parameters always results in higher overall performance.

Process control

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