Vi4Crane has configured different standard products to facilitate the integration of smart technology in all types of plants. The cost is associated with the use of the technology, so that in some cases almost immediate savings and greater process control can be achieved.

Standard solutions at a tailor-made cost

In order to offer viable alternatives for plants that do not have many years of concession ahead of them, or processes where cycle time is not a critical factor or for pit profiles that require few daily cycles, pay-per-use KITs are a good alternative.

Unlike the "turnkey project" are, once the project is completed, the customer owns the technology implemented for regular use, in this case the customer will make a small initial investment and, from this point onwards, pay one amount or another depending on the type of cycle or the number of times it is used. Depending on the type of cycles, the cost ranges from 0.05 to 0.2 euros. For this option, the customer can choose between the assembly of the hardware by internal staff (always with Vi4Crane´s instructions and monitoring) or the assembly by Vi4Crane´s staff.

These KITS that can be accessed allow to perform hopper cycles, semi-automatic cycles (when the operator chooses the loading point) or automatic assisted cycles (when the operator leaves several loading cycles in the queue so that the system can work autonomously during the time it takes to perform them). In some cases, pay-per-use KITs allow the system to work in automatic mode, making the system completely autonomous.

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