Recycling sector

The recycling sector is growing exponentially every day thanks to the well-known and much-needed Circular Economy. This solution means that used resources and products can be reused over and over again.

Waste has to be well treated for further reuse or combustion and all this takes place in waste treatment plants, this is where Vi4Crane solutions come into play.

The recycling sector is probably one of the most demanding sectors due to its continuous inflow of material, where the reaction time is critical and the management of incidents must be quickly solvable.  It is also one of the sectors in which Vi4Crane has the most experience and specific developments.

It is also important to mention that improving processes associated with waste recovery is in line with Vi4Crane´s proposal to extend the useful life of equipment still in operation without replacing them, but rather we are committed to adding smart layers to extend their control and performance.


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