About us

Vi4Crane S.L was founded in 2015 in the town of Azpeitia (Guipúzcoa). Coming from its sister company Credeblug S.L (BLUG), a world leader in the manufacture of orange peel grabs and clamshell grabs, Vi4Crane currently has a flexible and scalable structure with a strong technical profile.

Innovative vision

We were born with the clear objective of adding value to a specific market and moving away from generalist approaches. Therefore, we understand that being close to the customer and accompanying them in the technological transition of this type of processes is essential to achieve high success rates.

In short, we are a technology-based company dedicated to providing solutions for bulk material handling processes. As a specialist in the automation and knowledge of processes related to the management of materials in pits, the technologies applied by Vi4Crane to improve these processes are automation, IoT, industry 4.0, vision and artificial intelligence, among others. In short, the company puts technology at the service of management to guarantee the productive regularity of processes that are sometimes poorly quantified, turning each pit into an optimised environment.

One of Vi4Crane´s priorities is environmental sustainability and the circular economy, which is why all the technologies developed by the company are not only suitable for new plants, but are also perfectly compatible with operational plants.

If it works, we´ll use it

Since the installations targeted by its proposal have a long life cycle, Vi4Crane has been very aware of the need to develop technology that can be easily integrated, in order to update and modernise the functionalities of old but functional plants. In fact, one of Vi4Crane´s main bets is the analysis, advice and support in the "remanufacturing" process.

Awards and recognitions

Vi4Crane was awarded second place in the "Toribio Echevarria" awards for business excellence in 2016 and third prize in the "Start Innova" startup competition, also for the 2016 edition. Both competitions valued Vi4Crane´s innovative profile and its firm commitment to add value to critical processes with a broad influence on the environment.

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