Process control

We have the necessary control and maintenance tools to provide high reliability and availability of our systems. We collect information in real time with our equipment in the field, establish preventive maintenance guidelines and make our technical staff available to our customers to solve any type of incident.

Monthly preventive maintenance

Any technology implemented anywhere requires good hardware maintenance, in this case the components that require more care would be: optical elements such as cameras, lasers... For this purpose, Vi4Crane establishes preventive maintenance frequencies that allow optimum performance of the system. In any case, the hardware is resistant to the environment in which it operates and is also reliable in aggressive conditions of dirt, vibrations, etc. This is why Vi4Crane´s commitment to machine vision technology is reinforced by the fact that this type of solution has proven to be reliable after years of operation in recycling plants and intensive operating conditions.

Monthly preventive maintenance

Incident management

In Vi4Crane we are not only concerned that our project together with the customer is carried out in the best possible way, but we are also concerned about offering a quality after-sales service.

We offer routine technical assistance remotely to solve any type of incident that could be solved with a phone call or a remote recalibration. For more complex incidents, the Vi4Crane team will go to the installations to study the case in more detail and be able to solve it as soon as possible. In any case, the sensorisation of the process allows us to anticipate possible incidents that could lead to production stoppages.

As it is a technology with a wide range of resources, remote management of systems of this type is an option available to assist our customer quickly and effectively.

Updating and continuous improvement

The technical team is constantly working on R&D to improve the software and the system´s functionalities. Updates are systematically made to the work programme and software in order to optimise the overall performance of the system. In any case, these improvements will be notified to the users each time they are implemented.

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