At Vi4Crane we not only monitor or automate processes, but we also focus on specific problems or cases where you want to go a step further. The optimisation of production, the characterisation of different types of waste for subsequent incineration or even the assisted loading of high-density materials are just some examples of the projects in which Vi4Crane can put its technology at customer´s service.

Thanks to our know-how, we are able to develop technology to solve those phases or processes in which you would like to get more performance and you can´t find the key.
This type of development is based on tools such as Artificial Intelligence, digital twins or the development of specific hardware to, in short, improve the overall efficiency of the process.

Applied technology for increased performance

We have extensive experience in different sectors associated with materials management, which place us in a great position to tackle R&D projects that allow to expand our customers´ capabilities. Vi4Crane´s technological base and its knowledge of artificial vision together with the capabilities that Artificial Intelligence provides, allow us to have an optimal basis to address challenges that include the optimization of all types of processes associated with materials management.

We help our clients with the management of technical reports in order to take advantage of available funding options. In many cases, we position ourselves as a technological partner to facilitate project management in each case, both at a technical and procedural level.

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