This is one of the most powerful tools in the Vi4Crane technology. Our proprietary software is scalable, intuitive and feature-rich.

Modular and scalable

Conceived in a modular way, the lay-out can be easily defined, establishing the material entry, evacuation or safety zones in a quick and intuitive way. In this way, once the Vi4Crane technical staff configures the pit, the customer can manage the software, enabling or disabling zones and setting the operating ranges. 

The software has different screens for a complete control of the process:


This is the main screen where you can see material mapping, critical points, line status, input zones, real time position of the bridge crane... This is the main interface for monitoring system performance.


On this screen you can define the zones of each pit, establish the working area of each overhead crane and the materials to be handled by each overhead crane. You can also modify certain operational thresholds, such as maximum and minimum working heights, priorities for different tasks and any other aspect that provides operational flexibility to the system.

Commands and alarms

Commands and alarms

This is a screen with information on the status of the different sensors, the commands created by the system and possible alarms. It allows a higher technical profile access to the tool.

Operator screen

Operator screen

With the most common actions for setting the type of work, switching the system on and off and being able to adjust the operating parameters according to external variables and thus achieve optimum performance at all times.

Operational overview screen

Operational overview screen

This is a production summary that shows a summary by time slots, availability, etc., for each pit and/or bridge crane. This information is complemented with dashboards that allow for greater detail and data storage capacity.

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