Product layers

We use a plant material flow as a reference, as this is usually the case, but regardless of the modules available, it is not always necessary to use all of them. It is also possible to vary their scope depending on the objective of the project, as there are plants with different sizes, layouts and challenges.

By combining or choosing functionalities from these modules, each plant can limit the scope to, for example, automatic access management, lifting material during the night shift or assisting the crane operator in loading material by semi-automating part of the pit management. In other cases, the technological profile is adapted when the objective of the project is full automation, as in some cases it will not be necessary to manage the access of the material (as, depending on the design of the pit, the material can arrive by conveyor belts) or the evacuation of the material does not require dosing. These are just a few examples of the modularity and flexibility that Vi4Crane offers to optimise its proposal.

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