VI4CRANE solution for recycling plants

In the previous post "RECYCLING PLANTS: Problems in waste management" we talked about some of the most common problems in the management of the recycling plant process. We ended by saying that every problem has a solution. Well, in today´s post we will talk about the Vi4Crane solution for good waste management.

"Vi4Crane is a comprehensive technological solution capable of automating all the processes that take place in any recycling plant through its own technology".

These were some of the most common problems detected in recycling plants:

Non-optimisation of rubbish delivery in the pit by the trucks.

Thanks to the Vi4Crane software, each truck has the knowledge of its unloading area at all times. How do we achieve this? The system is able to obtain different information related to the pit in real time:

  • Thanks to Vi4Crane´s own positioning system, the detection of the manipulator in the pit is very simple. When the manipulator is close to the material unloading area, this area directly becomes a non-operational area for the trucks, and the unloading area is diverted to other areas.
  • Another of the main points of the system is vision. Thanks to our artificial vision system, the system detects the volume of material in the pit. In this way, the system will send the lorries to unload in the areas with the lowest volume of material.

Generation of high pit temperaturas

Avoiding a fire in the pits seems a difficult task, as a fire is an accident caused by a series of variables, but if we were able to have control over these variables, we could avoid this catastrophe.

Thanks to a thermo-graphic system we will be able to monitor the total temperature of the pit, know the hottest points and be able to act in a preventive way.

Lack of registration of crane and handler data

Controlling the movements made daily, knowing the loading capacity of each movement, are very relevant data to be able to control and optimise the productivity of the process. Thanks to this historical data, we will be able to optimise each movement, know the best places to load and more functionalities.

Blockages in material evacuation lines

Thanks to our cameras installed in the plant, we will be able to visualise the lines, material, possible bulky goods, etc. at all times. We will know the percentage of occupation of each one and thus be able to carry out the best possible management.

The Vi4Crane system is scalable according to the needs of our customers, these are just some of the problems or needs covered by the system.

If you have identified with any of these cases, do not hesitate to contact us, and if you need to solve any other type of problem, we will do our best to help you.

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